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Opening Reception 21 May 2015 from 6 pm - 9 pm

“Art is the incarnation of thoughts, ideas, souls and lives of the artists.” - Gago Chtchyan.


Gago Chtchyan, an Armenian artist who has been living in Moscow, Russia and Prague, Czech Republic. The Republic of Armenia, a country full of history, culture and art; like many other well-known Armenian artists, Gago was inspired by the nature and culture of his ancient homeland. Gago was born in a family which the members are well-known composers, singers and artists in Armenia; as a result, Gago has loved art since he was a child.


Gago is dedicated to oil and acrylic painting with his very characteristic style, very light texture which is almost allowing the audience to feel the canvas. Audience can see a simplified world with no burden but only the origin of man kinds through his art. The rawness of canvas brings a mysterious fog to the paintings and the purity underneath the fog is invulnerable. There is no utopia in life; however, the intimate connection between the audience and Gago’s strong psychological discharge presented on his paintings eases out the stress in lives. His eagerness to express his most personal and intimate emotion is reWlected on each of his paintings. There are no boundaries in Gago’s paintings because it is all about the passion he has for his people and art. From prosaic to frivolous, Gago has created a room of wild pleasure with imagining the density, lubricity and viscosity on the colour palette behind the canvas.


AP Contemporary is honoured to present you Gago Chtchyan’s solo exhibition in Hong Kong since 2012 and it is the time for us to enjoy the simplicity of art and take a break in the hectic pace of life.