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Media Preview:
March 10, 2015 at 5:00pm


Opening Reception:
March 10, 2015 from 6:00pm -9:00pm

The post-70s generation is believed to be the most “happiest” generation by many scholars today. They grow with the economic reform and rapid development of China and benefit from the country’s prosperity.


The Four Modernisations give us boundless fascination about the future as we used to believe that they would bring us genuine abundance. However, we feel that happiness seems far from reach when the Four Modernisations were implemented. We once considered that our hard work could bring us contentment, but now it has became a bondage for us. We had reckoned that efficiency would give us pleasure, yet striving for advancement aimlessly only leave us anxiety. As time goes by, the blissfulness that we ever fancied in our heart gradually drift away.

Perhaps neither change in world views nor psychological adjustment keep pace with hasty economy development, we always wonder what true happiness is all about.


Over the years, Wang has created the “Chasing” series, the “Modern Family” series, the “Mobile Phone” series, and later the “Prescription” series including “Workers”, “Farmers”, “Businessmen”, “Students”, “Soldiers” and “Officers”. Wang always feels and thinks deeply about social reality. To a certain extent, his artworks, even his daily life is strongly related to the life of common people. This real life experience inspires and motivates him for further creation.

After Wang’s one-year artist residency programme in the US, AP Contemporary is thrilled to present his sculptures collections in the past 7 years as an overview of his artistic and personal life.