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Wang Xinggang

Art Institute of Capital Normal University

Member of China Sculpture Institute

Member of China Shaanxi Artists Association

BORN in 1970; Shen Yang, LIAO NING Province,China



2002-03 M.F.A.

Faculty of Creative Arts Department of University of Wollongong Australia

1992-1997 B. A.

Sculpture Department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts,


2014-2015 Scholar Visiting at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)

2005-now Teach sculpture in Fine Art Institute of Capital Normal University

1997-2002 Taught at the sculpture department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts


2014 The “Materialize:3D Printing and Rpid Prototyping in Art +Design”

Shemer Art Center Phoenix US

2014 The Collision and Confluence: Chinese-American Art Faculty Exhibition and Symposium organized by the Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University, Asian Cultural Center, Chinese-American Art Faculty Association

(CAAFA) and China International Cultural Association. NY and NJ

2014 TransFORMation Governors Island NY

2014 the 2014 Digital Stone Project/ Garfagnana Innovizione stone carving workshop, Gramolazzo, MUSA ART Museum Italy



2013 vibrARTion in Four Seasons: Sculptures by Wang Xinggang Four Seasons Hotel Bei Jing

2013 The 9nd Art Festival of Song Zhuang, “Da Xiang You Xing Public Sculptures Exhibition” Song Village, Beijing, China

2012 China International Museum Art products Expo China National Convention Center Bei JIng

2012 5th Anniversary Contemporary Sculpture Invitation Bei Jing Finace Street

2012 “Oh! My Balloon” and “Life Goes On” Collected By The Langham Hotel, Shang Hai Xin Tian Di

2012 "The spirit of the container” Wang Xing Gang and Cai Zhisong sculpture Group Exhibitions Siemens Art Space 798

2011 International Sculpture Exhibition of Datong Biennial Datong He Yang Art Museum

2011 Wang Xing Gang &SFFAA`s DINNER PARTY Hong Kong Golf Club

2011 “North Wind”Collected by Institute of Network Coding of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2010 It`s all art or no art Chao Chang Di Art Museum Bei Jing

2009 The teachers fine arts exhibition of capital normal university

National Art Museum of China

2009 Germen North Art Fair Budesdorf Germen 

2008 Beijing 798 Art Festival 2008 “LOFT” Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing, China

2008 Beijing 2008CRD Art Salon, Vision Image-International Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Invitational Exhibition, China International Trade Center, Beijing, China

2008 Attended CHINA’S MOST WANTED Exhibition, FELLINI Gallery, Shanghai, China

2008 Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hongkong, China

2008 The Origin-The First Annual Moon River Sculpture Festival, Beijing

2007 the 5th France Une International Sculpture Competition, Britanny, France

2007 Moving Clouds-Contemporary Art Exhibition of Song Zhuang, Beijing, China

2006 The 1st Young Artists Invitational Competition, Beihang Museum, Beijing, China

2006 The 2nd Art Festival of Song Zhuang, Beijing, China

2003 work “Chinese Knot”, Gallery of The University of Wollongon, Australia

2000 work “Drizzle First Clear” participated in Teachers’ Sculpture Exhibition of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an, China

1999 work “Subtle Pledge” awarded the Excellent Prize in Shanxi Province Sculpture Competition, Xi’an, China

1999 work “Subtle Pledge” participated in the Sculpture Exchange Exhibition of China and South Korea

1999 work “Subtle Pledge” participated in the Eight Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition, Beijing, China

1999 work “Subtle Pledge” “The Reality in the Unreality” participated the Beijing Lugou Incident Memorial Exhibition, as an assistant to sculptor Situ Zhaoguang

1998 work “Spring Music” awarded the memorial prize in Harbin International Ice&Snow Sculpture Contest, Harbin, China

1998 Work “Source of Technology” permanently exhibits in Xian Xiangyu Aviation Techonology Co., Ltd.

1997 Work “North Wind” awarded the Excellent Prize in The 4th National Sports Art Exhibition and was introduced in the Exhibition book. “North Wind” won the Silver Award in Liaoning Art Exhibition in Celebration the Return of Hongkong and was collected by Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Museum, later collected by Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery.

1997 Work “Energy Source” awarded the Best Prize in The 4th National Sports Art Exhibition and was collected by Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Museum