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Human beings are evolving, fighting to survive. With the ability to expand their empires like ants, humans behave as aggressively as a virus like the vast societies we live in. Pu Jie juxtaposes seemingly contrasting narratives and memories as an attempt to show the fragmentary, ever-shifting and therefore incoherent nature of life.

Pu Jie, born in Shanghai(1959), known in contemporary art society all over Asia and globally. Artwork has been on display in Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, China, Singapore and Japan. He's had several exhibitions in Hong Kong as well.

Pu Jie, however, draws a clear distinction between himself and most other Beijing artists who were lured by easy money, devoting himself to an artistic practice centered on his own individual worldview. He depicts a social structure that wavers between China’s past history and its present-day contemporary developments, condensing his unique insights onto his canvases.
Focusing on the urban context of the city of Shanghai, Pu Jie’s paintings portray stories of contemporary residents of the city who live in the shadow of China’s newly emerging histories.


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