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Leung Meeping

No matter how Leung Meeping’s work is converted by means of thinking, methods, refraction and transformation, the most basic and the most interesting thing is the decision made by the reality of present and now (the current site-specific involvement). To be able to “embodies the spirit of an era” is the highest requestment Leung has for art creation, which is a process of absorbing the outside and then transforming it into introspective thinking.

More and more the artist has realized many things within the art circle are far away from being considered as good work of art according to such a requestment and standard. Instead, many non-artistic things in real life have rightly touched the nature of art. General things and people in the current “reality” of the everyday environment - certain things not in the “state of the art”, can actually hold firmly to the very specific context of this era through their understanding of the current society and culture. Therefore Leung likes searching for topics and starting points for creation according to the current environment and the people and things therein. As a result interfering with different classes and making site-specific work is her preferred practice. It is a link made of the interaction between other people and the artist, especially the link related to community culture. Leung believes this characteristic is related to ethics, community and the memories of our living environment, and is even more closely related to her consideration of visual culture and globalization.

Leung’s style and language of art is developed naturally via understanding of the generation. ‘It could be said that I do not consider art itself, or even the art style and material. I have never thought about what kind of style I have as an artist, or how I should keep my art style or image.’ Leung continues, ‘in return I gain larger potentials and a higher possibility of interplaying. I believe that the depth of art is not conceived by the relationships between different genres and styles; yet it could be achieved through the interrelationship between art and the society, which eventually leads to new art theories and methodologies.’ Partly because of the artist’s background, Leung is very much influenced by oriental philosophy which is always clear, precise and light. Leung’s later works of art appear to be quite simple and clean, with the artist’s intentions to let people easily involved in her work and to enjoy it.

Born in Hong Kong in 1961. Leung’s works examine daily life through perception of daily life itself. Art genres including mixed-media, video, multi-media installation and site-specific event-based project. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Birmingham, Paris, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, United States, and Australia. Received awards include “Civitella Ranieri Fellowship, Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Italy”, “Global Arts Artist Fellowship, Global Arts Village Foundation, India”, “Freeman Foundation Fellowship, Freeman Foundation, United States”, Starr Foundation Fellowship, Asian Cultural Council, United States” and “Hong Kong Art Biennial Award, Hong Kong Museum of Art”. Leung held many solo exhibitions including “Made in Hong Kong” (Pemalamo Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011) and“ REality – Leung Mee-ping Installation Art Exhibition” (Ox Warehouse, Macau, 2012). Group exhibitions include “Charming Experience” (Hong Kong Museum of Art, 2009), “Cities of Desires” (Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2009), “Home Stay” (Osage Gallery, Shanghai, 2010) and “Videoholica International Video Art Festival” (Varna, Bulgaria, 2010). Her works have been collected by many private collectors and public organisations in China, France and Hong Kong.