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Hong Wai

Hong Wai (born 1982) is a digital artist and Chinese ink painter based in Paris and Macao. She journeys with ink to a new frontier, that of the mysterious feminine, though the technique has been confined to a masculine universe for centuries. 

Her works were exhibited worldwide, from Macao, Hong Kong, Shanghai,Taiwan, Singapore, Melbourne, Montreal, London, Paris, featured in various exhibitions, art fairs and international publications. Her doctoral studies are on the deceased ink painter Wu Guangzhong.

Hong’s latest joint exhibition was Like Thunder Out of China in Montreal/Toronto together with artists Gao Brothers, Hung Tunglu , Cang Xin , Zhang Huan, Chang Lei, Lu Feifei and Dai Guangyu. Her video work was featured in the show alongside Cao Fei and Han Bing.


Ph.D Canadidate of Theories and Practice of ART, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, France.

MASTER of Theories and Practice of Art and Language, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences

Sociales (EHESS), Paris, France.

Bachelor of Arts Degree, National Taiwan University, The Department of Chinese, Literature, College of Liberal Arts.

Solo exhibitions

2014   "Secret de boudoir", AP Contemporary, Hong Kong

2013   "Forbidden sins", Art For All Society, Macao. 

2008    Exhibition « 1000 Femmes» at Serpentine Gallery, Paris.

2007    Solo exhibition « A Whim, A Bloom » at Gallery IMPRESSIONS, Paris.

2006    Solo exhibition « A Whim, A Bloom » at UMA gallery, Hong Kong.

2006    Selected in the short list of Paris Jeunes Talents 2005 (Paris Junior Outstanding Artists),

Solo exhibition organize by Mairie de Paris

2005   Solo exhibition « Le visage, le gène » touring to Taipei, Hong Kong, Macao and

Shanghai. Included Sun Yatsen Memorial house in Macao, Kwang Hwa Information

Culture Center in Hong Kong, Taiwan NGO, DENG KUN YAN’s architect studio,


2004   Taiwan. Solo exhibition « Mode Make UP » in Magasin Mitsukoshi, Taipei, Taiwan.

2002   Solo exhibition of Chinese painting, « A New Era of Dream », Full Blossom Gallery,


2000   First solo painting exhibition in UNESCO of Macao


International art fairs & group exhibition

2014 - Joint exhibition in Lisboa Orienta Museum, Lisbon

- Joint “French May Festival”, Works of 3 Macau Contemporary Artists @ MGM,


2013 - Joint exhibition "Like Thunder Out of China" Arsenal Montreal Contemporary Art Center,

Canada and Division Gallery, Toronto Canada. Exhibited artists included Zhang Huan

Qiu Jie, Gao Brothers, Hung Tunglu, Cang Xin, Wu Junyong, Han Bing, Dai Guangyu,

Cao Fei and Hong Wai.

- Affordable Art Fair, New York, US/ Singapore/ Hong Kong. 

- Joint exhibition "Reinvention - Macao Contemporary 2012", MGM Casino Macao.            

2012 - Exhibition 《Private View》curated by Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr/Pia Copper in his

private Gallery in Paris, Artists including Ai Weiwei, Cang Xin, Hung Tunglu,…

- Joint《Time, Through the Eyes of Art》, ION Art Gallery, Singapore. Group show

curated by Singapore Magazine Nuyou Time, 女友精錶

-FID (Foire Internationale du Dessin - International Drawing Art Fair) Paris

-Art Melbourne Art Fair presented by AFA Gallery

-Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair, presented by AFA Gallery,

-Affordable Art Fair New York 2013, New York.

28 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong | +852 3105 2118 | www.apcontemporary.com

-Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

-Discovery – A Creative Journey Through The Works of 20 Macau Contemporary Artists

@ MGM, Macao


Hong Wai’s work was chosen for the label of Glen Ord 38 year vintage signle malt whiskey and

has often been featured in publications such as La Vie magazine and Art Mao, Horizons Editions,

for publication October 2014.

Le visage, le gène, Art work catalogue, published by Macao Artist Society, Macao, September

2004, 50 pages. ISBN :978-9-9937-6323-9.

Hong Wai, « Loisir et liberté de création à partir du cas de Wu Guanzhong », in Culture du loisir,

art et esthétique, under the direction of Yolaine Escande and Johanna Liu, edited by You Feng

édition, Paris, décembre 2010, P. 171-183.

Interview with Chinese artist WU Guanzhong, Translator of  his first French Complete catalogue

Wu Guanzhong, collection : Mains et Merveilles. Edition La différence, Paris, May 2007, 27cm X

29cm, 350 pages; under the direction of Yolaine. ISBN : 978-2-7291-1687-3.