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Gago Chtchyan

Through the practice of traditional genres like paintings and portraitures, Gago Chtchyan’s works reflects the artist’s very personal response to the collective memories and experience of Armenian people, as well as expressing individuality, the Self.

Gago’s consistency in using relatively traditional medium is respectful of the language of painting and reminds us the elegance and aura of what we have known about art since the very beginning. In his work, there is often a slight scent of the Indo-European Caucasians, i.e. the drawing of portraitures. Faces and human figures play a central role in his paintings, which are similar to the style of mask in tribal art across Africa and the Middle-East, as well as the figurative images that appeared in religion art during the Medieval Period.

Gago is very sophisticated in controlling the canvas. Without excessive layers of paint on the canvas, there remains a certain depth, in which the sometimes-used vivid colors, the traces of sketch and drawing lines give the lives of the figures that appear in the paintings. The soft tone and grace of lines brings the viewer into a pieceful magical world. The minimalistic aspect keeps his work subtle yet reminds us a mixed feelings of Picasso and Merrello. With the blending of modernism and antiqueness, Gago’s paintings are valuable in terms of asethetics, individuality and the record of the present history of where he lives and works.

Gago Chtchyan was born in 1969 in the Armenian town of Gyumri, where he was raised in a family consists of famous composers, singers and artists in Armenia. He graduated from the Gyumri Art School with honors and from the Yerevan Art College. Gago moved to Moscow since 1992 for searching new ideas where he became popular. He participated in the Artlink@Sotheby’s auction of young artists in Chicago, Art Asia Miami 2010. Gago’s works are collected by galleries and private collectors in Russia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Norway, USA and Japan. Artist now lives and works in Prague. 



Born 1969, Gyumri (former Leninakan), Armenia
Lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic
A member of the UNESCO since 1995

1984-1988 Yerevan Art College, Armenia
1980-1984 Gyumri Art School, Armenia

2010 Art Asia, Miami, USA

2010 Khankhalaev Gallery in the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2008 Art Ireland Spring Collection 2008, Dublin, Ireland
2006 Art Ireland Spring Collection 2006, Dublin, Ireland
2005 Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

2005 Art Map Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (personal exhibition)
2004 Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
2004 Miro Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (personal exhibition)
2004 De Facto Design Studio, Prague, Czech Republic (personal exhibition)
2003 Europe ART, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland
2003 InterArt Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2003 De Facto Design Studio, Prague, Czech Republic
2002 Art Vienna, Austria
2001 Art KEP Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2000 The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2000 NUR, Moscow, Russia

1999 Art Link Sotheby's Auction, Tel Aviv, Israel

1999 Art Link Sotheby's Auction, Chicago, USA

1998 Michel Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1998 Gala Gallery, Magdebourg, Germany

1997 The Czech Embassy, Moscow, Russia

1997 Art Gallery Albatross, Moscow, Russia

1997 Gallery Studio 13, Moscow, Russia

1996 Olga Khlebnikova Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1994 The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
1991 The Union of Artists, Leninakan (Gyumri), Armenia
1987 Yerevan Press Hall, Armenia