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CONTEMPORARY ART: A FIRST PERSON NARRATIVE CHAPTER 1, by Alexander Zakharov 7pm April 9, 2013 at Hong Kong Arts Centre

Art enthusiasts in Hong Kong are constantly demanding more knowledge on the ever so fast evolving art world beyond Asia.

They deserve the first hand information and we are ready to provide it.


- a series of lectures on contemporary art scene by important people of the field – namely, established artists and curators. We encourage art students, collectors, dealers and curators to grasp the opportunity and get the most out of each experienced person to take part in these talks. Naturally, the audience will have a chance to share their thoughts and ask questions.

CHAPTER 1, by Alexander Zakharov – 7pm April 9, 2013 at Hong Kong Arts Centre


Born in Moscow(1965), acclaimed in the United States, currently working in Berlin, the Russian master of miniature, painter Alexander Zakharov is doing a new show in Hong Kong after almost 20 years. He tells us about his career within art, his experience with galleries, collectors and fellow artists. The emphasis of this talk is on the practical, everyday side of art, thus making it useful for young artists aspiring to succeed in different parts of the world.

Wanna know what a guy whose works were acquired by Oliver Stone, Nicolas Cage and Whoopi Goldberg actually thinks about the state of affairs in contemporary art? Here’s a rough list of topics he will touch and elaborate on:
• Stages in Zakharov’s own career: Moscow, NYC, Berlin
• Background of German contemporary art
• Current art scene in Germany: changes over the years, government support, Art Center Berlin, new galleries and artist communities
• Evolving and mid-career German and Russian names – ones to take notice of
• Government supported and independent art clusters similar to Berlin in other cities: Moscow, Abu Dabi, Bilbao, Singapore, Baku, Hong Kong – his opinion on their significance
• Changes in HK art scene over the two decades since Zakharov’s first show in 1994
• Relationships between young artists and galleries, the importance of the input commercial galleries make
• Collecting: challenges, investment views, new opportunities – galleries, fairs, shows
The lecture will be followed by Q&A session so that everyone in the audience is able to have a word and find out the details they are most interested in.


On April, 11 Alexander Zakharov’s solo exhibition will launch at AP Contemporary: 28 Tai Ping Shan st., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Translate imagination on to canvas. This time it’s his latest large mixed media pieces and miniature paintings of animal figures and nature scenery with playful subjects that require viewers to further investigate the works to discover what Zakharov intends to show. Through the medium of painting, Zakharov developed his own language which speaks of fantasy and nature, blending surrealism into the physical world. The detail and minutiae do matter. It literally demands the viewers to take a step closer to truly grasp the full implications of his works. Zakharov lets go of everything “grown up”, trying to speak to a viewer’s inner child.

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