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Two Sites

Site Specific Installation in Zhangjiang Road at Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai, China
7m height

“On-Site Zhagjiang” is a way of looking at Zhangjiang as a future urban model for high-tech innovation and production worldwide (looking out); “Zhangjiang On-Site” rather takes Zhangjiang as a Chinese urban area and observes the cultural situation faced by these areas of high-tech development (looking in). The tension between these two urban modalities is the text for my creative concept.
I sat up an installation in the empty space around the wall opposite the Zhangjiang Road, a space of urban construction and design, a temporary home of rural laborers—“enlarged DELETE key”. It aims to express a tension between this unchanging fixture of the computer keyboard and humanity’s constant desire for innovation. It leads to a consideration of the dialectical relationships between “disappearance and appearance; destruction and construction” in this urban present progressive tense.